Servicing Hudson Valley and Manhattan
Pine Bush Area (845) 744-8441
Montgomery/Walden Area (845) 778-6500
Manhattan Area (646) 926-2464

Fax numbers
(866) 207-9092 Toll Free Fax

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We have very exciting ways to make money and fulfill your clients dreams no matter what your current situation is.
As well as ways to save you money on your current expenses!!

Are you working a 9-5 job? Why?
Don't need or want to make your own Schedule?
Perhaps you love your Boss telling you when to be somewhere?
Maybe you like your income being capped? Make more then me if you want.
Will your boss or current position allow you to be Rich or at least well off?
Maybe you heard the markets not good right now? Do rentals then.
Are you already a agent and not getting paid enough? See our commission schedule below
Is your current Broker charging you fees? Not with us!!
Are you forced to join a MLS? Not with us!
Are you forced to pay a annual fee to NAR (National Association of Realtors)? Not with us!!

Become a agent or transfer to us today.
Join us today as a agent for Pine Bush Realty Properties 70/30 split after 25K in commissions earn 80/20 then after
50k in commissions get paid like a owner 90/10 (WOW). Resets every calender year.

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